Imax Theater Jordan's Furniture Avon Ma

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Imax Theater Jordan's Furniture Avon Ma

Imax Theater Jordan's Furniture Avon Ma -
As one of North America's earliest European settlements, Massachusetts is as rich in heritage as JFK was in Keen about A simple walk down Boston's famed Freedom Trail supplies the traveller a profound sense of background and purpose.

Frankly though, we could care less about finding a more desirable sense of purpose. Our purpose is finding you a greater sense of fun. These 5 Insanely Bizarre Massachusetts Points of interest will definitely have you on your way:

1. Jordan's Furniture - "Mardi Gras" Natick: Massachusetts

Jordan's Furniture Store

Furniture stores have a long standing background of outlandish stunts. From tacky ads, to vague promotions and b-list renowned endorsements, they'll do just about whatever thing to get us to buy their wares. But trust us, you haven't considered a thing, till you've stepped foot inside of Jordan's Furniture.

Go in advance and cancel your trip to the New Orleans because the premier of Mardi Gras is right here on Jordan's showroom surface (though you won't likely be flashed by a revenue Affiliate If the replicas of the French Quarter, Riverboats and bayou plantations don't sell you on a new Sofa the 30- minute animatronic Mardi Gras show definitely will.

Still not sold? There's a full on IMAX movie theatre here too. Now Playing Curse Of The Killer Dinette Set- In 3D.

2. Beer Can Museum: Northhampton, Massachusetts

Art fanatics have MOMA, Heritage buffs have the MET and beer aficionados have Ye Olde Watering Hole. The prestigious Northhampton beer can museum has a collection of empties so vast you'll be intoxicated before ever having a drink. And if by chance the empties don't quite moist your whistle, you can pull up a chair and chose from a wide selection of sing his own praises beers on top. Appreciating "art" never tasted so good.

3. Witch Dungeon: Salem Massachusetts

If the Depraved Witch of the West ever left you writhing in you bed at night, this is your chance to enact your revenge on all Witchkind.

First take in a live performance of an authentic Salem witch trial and watch a Seventeenth century prosecutor tear apart the improper testimony of the accused witch. Next rise to your ft in celebration as the witch is convicted of her heinous crimes. Finally, head down to the Witch Dungeon for a round a witch flogging, water boarding, planking, broomstick beating and any other paperwork of devious witch torture you can devise.

If Whatever this is sweet pay back for having to suffer through 5 seasons of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

4. Thermometer Museum: Onset, Massachusetts

Thermometer enthusiast Richard Porter has taken obscure amassing to a whole new degree. Visiting flee markets, yard sales and old suggests around the world, the Onset Massachusetts man has accumulated a stockpile of over 4100 thermometers.

Descend into his basement museum and marvel at the thermometer pigs, spaceships, Rings windmills and quite a few other wacky works of art. Frankly, we believe all that mercury has gone to his head.

5. Mapparium: Boston, Massachusetts

If you've ever dreamt about journeying to the centre of the earth, the Mapparium is your direct Price tag Here you'll step within a massive 608 panel stained glass globe and look up to one of the only world maps free of viewpoint distortion. Thank you to its uniquely formed concave panels, every thing appears at its true size and distance from each other.

Sure the map is circa 1935, boasting such nations as Prussia, Rhodesia, and Siam, but who exhibit geographical accuracy, when have colorful flashing lighting fixtures and sounds.

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