Westchester Tower Apartment Homes

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Westchester Tower Apartment Homes

Westchester Tower Apartment Homes -
Today's seniors are in great health compared to generations Colossal, but the fact remains that one in every two people over the age of 60 has some type of disability that limits day-by-day living.

Arthritis is one of the more average afflictions facing seniors and it can cause a variety of problems, most Chiefly, with standing and sitting. There are many mobility products that can aid arthritis patients with standing and sitting but a Toilevator raised toilet spacer and Furniture Risers are some of the most effective.

Arthritis is well-nigh continually followed by joint Ache, which limits Flora and fauna. It invariably is at its worst in the morning when joints are still stiff from sleeping all night. The move is helping loosen joints and reduces the Ache, but it takes a while for this to occur so mornings are spent sitting instead of limbering up.

When joints are the stiffest, it's difficult to sit or stand. And once seated, if ache persists, it can be painful and differing kinds to get up from a seated position, so most people just remain seated.

Sitting down and standing up from the toilet is often difficult, but elevating the height of the toilet is the top Choice. Sadly, the most average way to raise the toilet seat height is to add a raised toilet seat cushion to the top of an existing toilet seat. It makes sense and is easy to do but these are often unsanitary and uncomfortable, primarily for those without mobility Demanding situations. They can also be volatile and can slide off the toilet causing falls.

A better alternative is to use a Toilevator, which is a toilet spacer that fits in no way the base of the toilet. A Toilevator raises the entire existing toilet 3.5 inches up from the flooring so the regular toilet seat can still be used. This is more sanitary and doesn't avert other people who use the toilet. With the toilet height higher more than three inches, it is More straightforward and odder to use.

Furniture Risers accomplish the same thing by really reminded me of the height of chairs and sofas three to four inches. Most come in units of four or eight risers and are within your budget and easy to use solution.

Once established below the legs of chairs, sofas, and even beds, furniture risers will let you the clients to stand up or sit down because the height has been high temperature and the distance to sit or stand has decreased.

Many units feature furniture risers in two sizes so the entrance legs of the sofas are raised three inches while the back legs are raised four inches. This provides a very slight incline further making it more convenient to sit or stand.

While arthritis can make day by day living a problem for many seniors, growing the height of Bathrooms, chairs, sofas, and beds a few inches can make a big distinction in alleviating the ache of standing and sitting.

Attainable Design & Consulting in southern California has been editing residences and presenting barrier-free products for seniors and people with disabilities for more than a decade.

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